Mommy & Me Classes

Have a blast while learning Spanish with your little ones! Our Mommy & Me class will teach you & your child basic elements of Spanish through songs & playful dialogues.

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Elementary Spanish

Children ages 4-8 can learn Spanish and make new friends with our Elementary Spanish course. This class is energetic and thrives on interaction to learn basic Spanish phrases, songs, numbers, and more!

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Practical Spanish

Children ages 9-12 will learn the basic elements of Spanish including numbers, introductions, commands, and songs, all while having fun & making new friends!

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Mis Amigos Spanish Academy

Our mission is to strengthen your child's academic and social skills by giving her/him the life-changing experience of learning a second-language. Acquiring a foreign language adds tremendous value to your child's character development and worldview, positioning her/him for greater academic, career, and entrepreneurial success & discipline, during the crucial years of foundation building. We're happy to be your partner in cultural enrichment! Call us to find out about our curriculum and registration dates.